Supplying Fertiliser

•We managed to buy 40 tonnes of fertilisers for our members through savings from the subscriptions contributions. We bought the fertilisers at $28 000 and 400 members benefited 2 (two) bags per individual that is one AN and one D.

Agriculture Award

•Mrs Depina Nkomo ZIWFAT president) is an award Winner for 2013 in Agriculture category. ZNCC-WABAZ gave the award and it was a second runner up in the farming category.


•More than 700 members were given money from FBC for the projects and they all managed to pay back. It was salary based loan on government employees and government pensioners. FBC gave six months salary loan and be payable in two (2) years. We had a meeting with the Micro Plan higher authority and we reached an agreement upon conditions, when assisting our members.

Training Skills

• Our members were successfully trained on Internal Lending and Savings (Mukando). 2 012 members were trained and some of the successful stories are that some of the members shared the money and they bought inputs for the 2013/2014 season. That training was conducted by Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development.