Zimbabwe Indigenous Women Farmers Association Trust, is a trust for women farmers in Zimbabwe.  The association was formed in February 2012 by Mrs Depina Nkomo and other six women farmers who saw the plight of women farmers when they would queue for inputs at Grain Marketing Boards.  Some of the women were almost killed and abused as they would go to GMB in the early hours of the morning.  Mrs Nkomo was one of the victim. They perceived that if they approach a company as a group they will receive attention, than as individuals. ZIWFAT has over 6000 members all over the ten (10) provinces.  In each province, we have executive leadership from Provincial level to Ward level. The vision of ZIWFAT is to uplift all women farmers from grassroots level to boost and contribute to the national food security through agriculture.


The Zimbabwe Indigenous Women Farmers Association Trust is to add the amount of locally produced food and turn Zimbabwe into a self sufficient food producer by using the land intensively and in a productive way. 


     · Since the climate has changed so much due to global warming, rainfall pattern has become so difficult to estimate, so it is essential for every woman to have a  bore-hole and a drip irrigation.

· We require the provision of irrigation equipment to eradicate hungers and poverty.  For every women to have at least 1 to 2 hectares under  irrigation.   That can help our nation to boost food security, raise our economy and create employment.


The following are important to the success of this business project

1. Production of high quality produce that meet the needs of consumers in Zimbabwe and the region.
2. Access to competitively priced equipment and machinery from suppliers.
3. Access to finance to enable the Association to purchase equipment necessary for this project